Four set flame to Feni madrasa understudy

The Feni madrasa young lady, who was determined to flame three days prior over her supposed inappropriate behavior by a madrasa central, told doctors that four individuals were engaged with setting flame to her at Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrasa on Saturday.

The 18-year-old understudy went to the madrasa to take an Alim examination, specialists at the consume unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) revealed to The Daily Star yesterday, citing the person in question.

At one phase, she was taken to the top of the madrasa's three-story managerial structure. She saw four individuals wearing cover, burqa and hand gloves there.

Conversing with specialists on Sunday, she said they had requested that her pull back the case, recorded against madrasa Principal Maulana Siraj Ud Doula, over explicitly badgering her toward the end of last month. They additionally squeezed her to give an announcement saying that the claim was false.

As she would not go along, they tied her hands with a scarf, poured something on her body and requested that her run. She fled, with her body ablaze, as indicated by her announcement.

In the mean time, the person in question, who endured 75 percent consumes to her body, was put in a coma at the consume unit of the DMCH around early afternoon yesterday as her condition weakened.

Dr Samanta Lal Sen, national organizer of the consume unit, said Prime Minister Sheik Hasina called him around 5:00pm yesterday and asked about the madrasa young lady's condition. She requested that he send the patient to Singapore at the most punctual if her ailment allowed.

The DMCH has framed a nine-part therapeutic board for the injured individual's treatment.


A case was documented with Sonagazi Police Station by the injured individual's sibling yesterday, denouncing four unidentified female madrasa understudies and their partners, reports a reporter from Feni.

Police have just captured two individuals and kept five others regarding the episode.

The arrestees are Afsar Uddin, 33, a speaker of English, and Ariful Islam, 22, an Alim examinee of the madrasa.

A nearby court yesterday sent the two to imprison after they were created before it.

The five prisoners are madrasa night monitor Md Mostofa, 38, and office staff members Amin, 50, Alauddin, 25, Saidul Islam, 21, and Jashim Uddin, 30.

Prior on March 27, the unfortunate casualty's mom documented a case with Sonagazi Police Station, blaming the madrasa central for explicitly pestering her little girl. The key is presently in a correctional facility for the situation.

Visiting the DMCH consume unit yesterday, PM's Special Assistant Biplab Barua told newsmen that the head guided him to ask about the madrasa young lady's treatment.

He said the administration would bear the expenses of her treatment.

In the mean time, Naripakkha, a ladies' dissident association, in an announcement yesterday censured the grievous assault on the madrasa young lady and requested commendable discipline for the offenders.

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